HockeyApp API Wrapper module for NPM

HockeyApp API Wrapper module for NPM

I created a module for Node.JS (NPM) which will allow us to obtain an APK download link directly from code in one of our apps.

Init project

$ mkdir my-test-project
$ cd my-test-project
$ npm init
$ npm install --save hockeyapp-api-wrapper

Testing the module

Create a file called app.js which the following contents.

  • YOUR_HOCKEYAPP_AUTH_TOKEN must be your HockeyApp Auth Token that you can find on your HockeyApp Settings.
  • YOUR HOCKEY APP TITLE must be a valid app title that you can find on the HockeyApp dashboard.
// Import module
var HockeyApp = require('hockeyapp-api-wrapper');

var YOUR_HOCKEYAPP_AUTH_TOKEN = 'aaaabbbbccccdddd0000111122223333';

// Create API client. Note that you can create more than one at the same time.
var hockeyAppCli = new HockeyApp().init(YOUR_HOCKEYAPP_AUTH_TOKEN);

// Get all apps
hockeyAppCli.getApps().then(function(appsResponse) {
    // Get an specific app by the title
    var app = HockeyApp.getAppByTitleMatch(appsResponse, "YOUR HOCKEY APP TITLE");

    // Get all versions for that specific app
    hockeyAppCli.getVersions(app).then(function(versionResponse) {
        // Get latest version
        var version = HockeyApp.getLatestVersion(versionResponse);

        // Generate download link
        var downloadUrl = hockeyAppCli.getLatestAndroidVersionDownloadLink(app, version);

        // Print download link

The result will be something similar to: